Rabu, 10 Agustus 2016

Network Products Wardah Cosmetics

Starting from caring woman graduate of Pharmacy ITB against halal cosmetic products on the market Indonesia. It creates a halal cosmetic products in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, 'Wardah' which means roses. This Wardah product bagging MUI halal certificate (see http: / / halalmui.org) guarantees the goodness of the product. Wardah product is already widely known as halal and safe cosmetics.

So turning to cosmetic Wardah, kenanpa not? ...
Wardah Cosmetic presenting innovative cosmetic formula that is safe, lawful, practical, and even meet the needs and tastes of each woman. As modern cosmetics, each product Wardah blended with the formula:

Non Comedogenic: not clog pores, preventing blackheads and pimples
Oil Control: prevent excess oil production due to heat
UV Protection: prevent the ill effects of UV A and B on the skin
Non Photosensitisasi: dye used is safe, do not react to light

Pure & Safe
Wardah cosmetics are made of quality materials and proven safe, and lawful.
Beauty Expert
Wardah formulated by pharmacists and beauty that brings quality products with the latest innovations.
Inspiring Beauty
Cosmetics are not only for the body but also for the soul. Wardah encourage every woman to always believe in themselves and care for others. We call it 'beauty that inspires'.
Wardah products available in the series:
* Facial Wash (9700)
Soft soap for all skin types. Soap free formula, does not make your skin dry
* Cleanser (16000)
Normal to dry skin
Cleansing milk with a pH balance for normal-dry skin. With Camomile flower extract and aloe Vera. Enriched with vitamin E as an antioxidant
Normal to oily skin
Cleansing milk with normal PH balance to oily skin. Witch hazel extract its help sum up the pores and tighten skin. Enriched moisturizers and vitamin E
* Instant Remover
One step cleaning fluid for makeup and dirt on the face. Formula mild and gentle. Not leaving a layer of oil on the face
* Hydrating Toner
Toner non-alcoholic soft. Do not make your skin dry and irritated. Use the variant that suits your skin; Normal to Dry Skin (14500), normal to oily skin (14000)
* Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 (24000)
Gel sunscreen with SPF 30. Contains moisturizers, filters UV-A and UV-B that protects the skin from sun damage. Highly recommended to you especially for outdoor activities
* Moisturizer cream (13000)
Moisturizer for all skin types. Contains microcollagen, olive oil, and vitamin E (antioxidant). For skin moist and always smooth
* Moisturizer Gel (14000)
Moisturizing gel. Contains chamomile extract, pro-vitamin B-5 and vitamin E. Lightweight and suitable for oily skin though
* Intensive night cream (27000)
A night cream containing squalene, microcollagen (aminopeptida), olive oil and vitamin E. It is recommended to maintain skin elasticity.
* Peeling cream (12000)
Cream contains gentle scrub with three actions; remove dead skin cells, helping to accelerate the regeneration of cells and simultaneously moisturizes. Recommended used once a week
* Facial scrub (9500)
gently scrub with a PH balance. Remove impurities down to the pores
* Facial mask (13500)
masks for all skin types. Tighten and smooth the skin. It is recommended to use once a week